The workers facilitation-mediation centre (the “Centre”) facilitates dialogue between the government and the communities facing eviction threats along with issues regarding homelessness of the workers. It focuses on rescue and rehabilitation of the homeless people at different governmental and NGO-run shelter homes. The Centre also performs the role of a mediator between workers and employer to ensure minimum wages, accidental cover.

The Centre focuses on being an intermediary between the workers and the government by acceding applications regarding the current situations of the workers. The Centre emphasises on organising awareness and registration campaigns for the unorganised sector workers at different locations in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The Centre has contributed under urban studies with its extensive research work aiming at improving the infrastructure of the city keeping in mind the situation of many people facing homelessness. It has not only extended help to the workers on work site but has also provided relief material during major accident and/or incidents at such sites. These major accidents/incidents at work sites are researched upon and the centre tries to reach to the root cause behind it.

Lastly, the Centre focuses on the aspects of human rights and looks into the cases where there has been gross violation of human rights. It engages with the State Human Rights Commission at all levels, to have a check on these human right issues.