At Kamgar Sanrakshan Samman Sangh, in partnership with compassionate organizations HILFE and The Sustainability Project, Asia, we have established a charitable clinic in Mankhurd, Mumbai, dedicated to providing essential relief to daily wage workers.

Shilpa Verma is the doctor in charge of the clinic

In the M-East Ward, where public healthcare remains limited, these hardworking individuals were left with no choice but to seek expensive private clinics, often at the expense of their education and nourishment.

Recognizing that accessible healthcare is ideally the government’s responsibility, our community decided to take action. With the generous support of our community members and a modest Rs. 20 contribution, we offer these workers three days’ worth of essential medicines. The impact has been immediate and transformative, as patients now enter our clinic with faces filled with relief, knowing they can access vital care without financial burden.

Currently, we proudly serve 50 patients daily, with plans to expand our reach even further. If you share our vision and mission, we invite you to support us in this endeavour. Join us as we work towards making a meaningful difference.